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There has never been a greater time in the history of insurance to get licensed and become part of our team.


The agents in the video below were interviewed at one of our in-person Super Agent bootcamps.

These are unscripted insights from people from all walks of life who are riding this wave to success.

Some are new. Some are veterans. All are glad they joined Catalyst. They'll tell you why in the video below.

National Trainer, Author, Speaker, and President of Catalyst Insurance Group, Kent Long, explains more about this extraordinary opportunity

Why Join Catalyst?

No one is captive. Our agents are an all-volunteer army yet we are the fastest growing health insurance agency in America. Why? Because when you join us, you get understanding, training, & team work. Our agents can tell you better than I can. A large percentage of my agents were clients first!


We understand the product on multiple levels. We’re focused on your success and train continually in various forms including video training, live webinars and live in-person events. We see the bigger picture. Sure we’re competitive, but we greatly benefit from the synergy we get from sharing, presentation ideas, provider sources, & client stories.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Your competitive advantage sends your closing rate through the roof

  • You would cut individual and small business health insurance rates by 40-50% while improving the scope and depth of their coverage.

  • You can qualify for world class trips for you and your spouse.

  • A long-term residual income

  • Renewals are vested from day 1

  • World-class training and support

  • Multiple contests and bonuses throughout the year

  • Money and the freedom to enjoy it

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