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Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen

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I was thinking if you could stack it on normal flowers, and just bust it all on mistborn motes it might be really good for that zone, and i watched a video and was wondering how it ate stacks, cus it seemed like sometimes it wouldn't eat stacks on first 2 node hits. Maybe it would be more effecient on 1 node plants, guess not.

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Although I would settle for a Secret Lair with a Jake Armitage Legendary, I really think that the Shadowrun lore, races, magic, and mechanics would just work so unbelievably well as a full blown Magic set reminiscent of Ravnica but with Shadowrun AAA Megacorps replacing the guilds. I mean, there are literally 10 Megacorps and 10 two color pairs in Magic, this set basically designs itself! 041b061a72


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