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Norton Ghost 12 Dos Version Check

Update > since posting links to those two threads listed just above, the forums have since seen many posts regarding Ghost 12. For more, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query > norton ghost 12. Brian (from Australia) says:

Norton Ghost 12 Dos Version Check

Update > 13.June.2007 - today I install a copy of Ghost 12 and (successfully) created my first Windows-based back-up image (which Symantec terms a Recovery Point). You can review my experience here > Installed Norton Ghost 12 & Created Back-up Image, called a Recovery Point. Also posted a series of screenshots here > Installed Ghost 12 today, created image (Recovery Point), posted screenshots. Note that I will be creating a *new* Rad guide, based on Ghost 12, which is significantly different from Ghost 2003, which this guide was designed around. I tried however, to introduce various concepts that can be applied to *any* cloning program, so you should still find this guide enlighteningFor things related to Ghost 12, I also created a new subdomain > You can find the first (under-construction) G12 page here > Rad Guide to Norton Ghost 12.This will also be my first attempt at creating a certifiable XHTML 1.0 web page. So it might take a tad longer to get going. Still studying the spec's details.

it kind of depends on your hardware and os you are using. i backup all my retro machines because i hate installing software.i use the following:windows 95 - ghost 5.1, works well with low memory systems (windows or dos)windows 98se - clonezilla 1.1.0-8, requires more memory than ghost, this version runs well on older chipsets like bx440 or i815 (bootable cd)windows 2000 - acronis true image 10 w/bart's pe builder, has a few different boot and recovery options to run from windows or other bootable environment. also useful if you need to backup a raid xp (and above) - macrium reflect . whatever the latest version is. still runs on xp. love those guys.

So this is a something of a big deal for me. Admittedly, it wasn't easy to uninstall (DOS-based) Ghost 2003 (cuz you can't have both versions resident on your system), which has provided me with *years* of bulletproof protection .. against every type of screw-up & disaster you can imagine.I have created literally hundreds of images and restored dozens. Never a single problem (after I learned a few tricks).During installation & imaging last night, I grabbed some screenshots of the process and posted them in the forums .. see here > Installed Ghost 12 today, created image (Recovery Point), posted screenshotsI plan to throw together a *new* Rad guide .. to Norton Ghost .. based on Ghost 12 .. incorporating lessons & strategies we've learned & developed over the years.It's too confusing to craft a guide that applies to multiple versions of Ghost, like I've been trying to do with the original Ghost guide (first published some 7 years ago, and updated countless times) .. especially when Ghost 9 arrived, which is based on a completely different program (Drive Image by Powerquest, which Symantec purchased in December 2003).Along these lines, I've also been learning about XHTML, and plan to craft the new guide with web pages using those new standards (using Dreamweaver, or course, which supports XHTML 1.0 out of the box).I'd like to keep the new guide short-n-sweet, but, from experience, I know they have a tendency to grow, especially once users start sending in their findings & suggestions using various configurations (from around the globe).Along these lines, I created a new subdomain for the new guide > The old version was simply > There's nothing there yet, except the screenshots I grabbed last night .. but soon there will be.So today is a new day in RadLand.And if you've never backed up your hard drive with an imaging program (such as Ghost, or one of the many others), this might be a good time to begin moving in that direction.A back-up image (stored on media other than your boot/system drive, such as an external USB drive) can save you untold misery & heartache. Most people (myself included) learn this lesson the hard way.A back-up image is your first step on the road to making meaningful progress with your PC, cuz it keeps you from having to go back very far should tragedy strike (such as having to re-installing your operating system & programs should your hard drive die).This gives you confidence to try things you might not ordinarily attempt.For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query > symantec norton ghost

Hi im new to norton ghost. Where can i get norton ghost boot disk. Or is norton ghost setup file is boot disk. Sorry about my english im from tamilnadu.reply me please. Ok or post a video on youtube.reply youtube url. In that video tell me how to put boot disk and how to take backup and how to restore using ghost7 and where to download ghost7 with working activation key. Please help me on this thing. It will be much helpful for all.


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