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Driver And Vehicle Computer Services Division Shannon [EXCLUSIVE]

The NVDF supports motor tax and driving licence services for all users across in motor tax offices and other outlets throughout the country, the internet based Online Motor Tax and Change of Vehicle Ownership services and at Shannon where data processing of change of vehicle ownership notices takes place.

Driver And Vehicle Computer Services Division Shannon


Section 60 of the Finance Act (No. 13 of 1993) as amended provides for access to NVDF data by Government Departments, and licensing (motor tax) authorities in Ireland and other member states of the EU, the Revenue Commissioners, An Garda Síochána and such other persons as may be prescribed in regulations (most recently S.I. No. 382 of 2009) by the Minister for Transport. Other recipients obtain NVDF data through their own specific legislative frameworks. There are also arrangements in place to supply non-personal vehicle data under agreement to a number of recipients who provide commercial services around vehicle identity checks to the general public. Recipients of NVDF data include:

If your car was registered after 1st January 1993 you'll be given form RF105, which you should send to the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division. The Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division is part of the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport (DTTAS). This government agency maintains Ireland's National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF), which is a database of all the registered vehicles, owners and licensed drivers in the country. Your Logbook is what keeps the NVDF up-to-date!

The IT Services (ITS) team provides computer, software application, and networking support for nearly 300 customers in 12 business areas. Learn more about the ITS team and the services we provide by visiting our online support portal at:

Our modeling suggests a few guidelines states could bear in mind as they determine where to place public chargers. In the United States, most EV charging (in terms of electricity consumption) now takes place at home. By 2030, in the scenario we analyzed, we estimate that considerably less charging would be done at home, and the amount of charging in fleet depots would nearly double. Overall, private use cases would still account for a large majority of all charging. One reason is that newer EVs, with ranges of more than 200 miles per charge, can meet the needs of most drivers if charged while parked overnight: on average, each person in the United States travels about 30 miles a day by private vehicle.

Making it profitable to sell public-charging services will probably be a prerequisite for building out a nationwide infrastructure, since government agencies are unlikely to build, own, or operate all the public-charging stations drivers will need. States could help support charging businesses in various ways, such as defraying the up-front capital cost of installing chargers and establishing offtake agreements to purchase a set amount of charging service each month, regardless of how much EV users pay for. They also could consider incentives to deploy charging infrastructure, as well as premiums for providing renewable energy (these would improve the economics of charging businesses by providing ancillary revenue streams). States could also streamline permitting processes so that providers can install and start operating new chargers more quickly; as it is, it can take nine to 24 months to get a charging station up and running.

This Privacy Policy applies to information we collect when you use our websites and other products and services that link to this Privacy Policy (collectively, the "Services"). We may supply a different privacy policy in relation to some of our Services, and that policy will apply to any information provided to or collected by us pursuant to those Services.This Privacy Statement does not apply to personal information we obtain from individuals interacting with other TuSimple products and services such as vehicles or mobile applications. 041b061a72


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