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[S1E5] Tan Lines

Every time your art teacher, Ms. Scanlon, leans over your desk to check and see how your project's going, you feel all squiggly inside. She was a striking woman. Not classically beautiful, but striking. First time I ever saw tan lines.

[S1E5] Tan Lines

Marisa And I just have to say like I'm a little sad. There's no like midriff action going on, especially since we're talking about tan lines today. But you know, it's probably more appropriate this way. missed opportunity.

Brett . And then by the end of this episode, we hear this song by Mumford and Sons, which is came out very recently. And so to me, this sort of symbolizes Ted's inner monologue through this episode and kind of the progression of what he's feeling like he's, he's wishing and hoping can't wait for his family to get there. And then they're having this wonderful time together, doing the Lego set and bring it on home to me is happening. And that's a song that kind of gives you a good feeling and, you know, makes you think, like, yeah, you love the person you're with and be there with them. And then we get to this final scene, which is just gut wrenching. And interestingly, in the scene, there are a lot of lyrics happening underneath a lot of dialogue, which is not super common in a lot of shows. I mean, I the other show I can think of where this happens a lot is Grey's Anatomy. I don't watch a lot of Grey's Anatomy and I've still seen it a lot on that shows. It's probably just Cuz there's like 3 million episodes of that show. But there's a lot of lyrics happening underneath their conversation, this conversation between Teddy Michelle, and again, that's kind of, I think Ted's inner internal monologue that's happening. And one of the lines from the verse that's happening as they're chatting says, My dreams lie with you. But I have many more Besides, and if I can't see them through, our love will slowly die. And then throughout this song in the chord progression, there's this musical thing happening where the five is moving up to the six, and you can definitely hear it even if you have no musical training. And it's basically engineered to make you feel that bitter sweets, kind of melancholy feeling a pulling of the heartstrings, almost literally, literally. And as that's happening, and they're finishing their conversation, there's a break in the conversation. And the music actually turns up on this line that says, think of London, and the girl you're returning. And I just think that's so like that's so purposeful, and so meaningful. And again, it's just another example of just the expert level of music editing on this show that really makes a lot of scenes. And then again, after after, they're completely done hugging and Henry and Michelle are getting in the car. And it turns up again on the exact same line, think of London and the girl you're returning and so it's just the way and then the credits roll. We go on to the next part of the song and it's one of the smart things this show does is it does not have outro music. You know, there are shows like The West Wing where something very serious happens at the end of the episode and then there's that jaunty. Oh, that really changed the mood. But you know, with Ted lassa, we have we've gone out on so many different things already. And it's just it really, you know, you have to live in that headspace as the credits are rolling. And the credits for the show are long, too. So it's long it's going on for a long time. I just I really thought that that was a great, another great use of music and other, we really kind of get into Ted psyche with the songs and yeah, good stuff. 041b061a72


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