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Dylan Nguyen

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition PSN

A special edition version titled "A Wonderful Life Special Edition" was released on the PlayStation 2 in Japan in 2004 and North America in 2005. It was later re-released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 with improvements upon lag issues rooting from the PlayStation 2 port.[3] Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, the girl version of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, was released for the GameCube outside Japan in July 2005.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition PSN

With a new setting, new farming and livestock options, and an evolving timeline and village, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life introduced many features to the iconic farming sim series. Natsume announced on Twitter this morning that the special edition of the game, first released on PS2 in 2005, is now available on PS4.

I have harvest moon a wonderful life on my ps3. I had bought it off the playstation network and I just started the second year. So I wanted to know how to earn more money and found out about this ruby spice cheat. Well I have tried it and it doesnt seem to work. I end up with the same spice I started with. Im not sure if it's not working because I bought it off the psn but if there's any other way I'd really appreciate the advice. 041b061a72


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